It all began when

I was given my very first camera at the age of 8. It was a big, bulky black thing (well to my little hands anyway!) with this small, round lens fixed to the front, a turny thing on the top for winding the film on, a small window that you could look through to see your picture, and this magical white button protruding into the air from the top plate that every time you pressed it it would take a photo! It was rather fittingly called a Box Brownie, and that was basically all it was, a box that took photos. But to me it was a magical box and I was enthralled by it! The ability to actually capture a moment in time and preserve it forever was just fascinating. From that moment on all I wanted to do was finish school and be a professional photographer.

During my early teens I was fortunate to gain valuable experience working in an established photography studio and then at the young age of 16 I set up shop on my own. I started off shooting weddings and portraits. Back then, however, most weddings were on a Saturday so I used my weekdays freelancing for various publishing houses and magazines. This proved to be invaluable as it raised my photography from regular professional level up to publication standard. It is every photographers dream to be a 'published' photographer yet the reality is only a tiny number will ever achieve this so I am very privileged to have my work valued so highly. I was commissioned to shoot just about everything imaginable - interiors, products, celebrities, landscapes, special events and occasions, you name it. I also had the honour of working alongside some amazing people, both photographers and editors, from whom I learned so much! 

Now, 33 years later I am still just as enthralled with magical boxes that take photos and very privileged to get paid to do what I love doing! 



Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers Awards

Highly Commended - 9, Silver - 8, Bronze - 24

Photographic Socities Awards

Highly Commended - 9, Silver - 4, Bronze - 8

BBC Best Ever Wedding Shots - Winner

Scottish Wedding Awards Finalist - Photographer of the Year

ITV Royal Wedding photography consultant

National Photography Judge (Scotland) 15 years (still serving)

Photographic consultant on several ITV productions

10 years photography trainer/instructor

Creative Business of the Year Awards Finalist (Album design)

Author of over 100 photography based magazine articles and contributing writer to several books and guides.

For your assurance I am Fully Insured, work with the highest quality equipment and carry back-up kit for every job.